Is No News Good News?

Xavier & Ophelia have no news.  Really?  No news? 

LIAR! :-) 

We have so much news that we don't actually even know where to begin with all the news so, instead, we have been piling up a slew of fun video footage, behind-the-scene photos, and new song audio snippets with the intention of releasing them via our zygote-blog.

A zygote.  O, what are you talking about?  (I frequently talk to myself in person so why wouldn't I talk to myself via blog)  I'm talking about the brand new super-baby blog on deck to be released in the next week.  It will not be called "Zygote-Blog", but rather... "I'm Alright...." 

Hush.  I've said too much already...  Just you wait. 

Until then.  X&O around the world, people. 




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