Luna Kafé e-zine
Reviewer: Anna Maria Stjärnell

Dave Tough and DeAnna Moore make up Xavier and Ophelia. Their debut is mellow and mostly very touching pop.

"6 Billion Lonely People" is a song that uses Moore's vocals well, recalling Edie Brickell at her best. "Chateau Marmont" is a catchy number that recalls Saint Etienne in its summery haze. "Passing Train" is equally lovely, a folksy melody setting the scene for a lullaby in blue. Moore's serene vocals contribute to a great song.

"Use Somebody" is a version of the Kings of Leon song, done in a dancey mode and it sounds very good. It's a lovely debut.


M Music & Musicians Magazine
Reviewer: Kenneth Partridge, Indie Scene

X&O CD REVIEW, 2011 M Music & Musicians Magazine

It was a lucky break when Dave Tough found DeAnna Moore on MySpace. Back in 2009 the songwriter and producer needed a singer for some demos, and in Moore he found a musical chameleon keen on jazz, New Wave and Kings of Leon. Alongside such straight-up pop songs as the Dido-esque “Milk & Honey,” the pair’s debut features the suave soul throwback “Chateau Marmont” and electro-glam gem “I’m Alright.” The latter is a nod to Goldfrapp, who Tough and Moore cite as an influence, but it could have been an early-’80s hit for Olivia Newton John. Ditto the duo’s version of the Kings’ “Use Somebody,” presented here as a neon-bright dance track.



CD Baby
Reviewer: JD Wiggins, songwriter

Upon listening to the Xavier and Ophelia recording X&O, I was struck by the quality of not only the vocals by Deanna Moore and the songs, but the production by Dave Tough. In many ways it had a very 80's feel, but with the pristine neatness of a modern digital recording (as one might expect). Everything was tucked into place, and not in a bad way. Deanna's vocals are truly appealing throughout and her handling of the very musical melodies revealed an innate sensitivity and appropriately nuanced approach to the lyrics as well. In fact, what she did in terms of taking a somewhat monochromatic albeit very pleasant vocal texture and weaving in the requisite emotion to capture the listener's attention was nothing short of quite impressive. The songwriting was also very strong with well-conceived harmonic structure and the instrumental performances were solid. My two favorite cuts were "Last Recorded Summer" and "Six Billion Lonely People". Overall, I'd have to say that I was impressed and very pleasantly surprised to hear an indie record with this kind of intelligent pop flavor and coherent production.

CD Baby
Reviewer: Morgan Bennett

Xavier & Ophelia's debut album is colorful, refreshing, and packed with incredible lyrical content. I love this line from the first verse of "Six Billion Lonely People": "A million little pieces, hearts are like grenades, shatter all these promises, love ain't no parade." This project is a great marriage of solid lyrical craftsmanship and fun, creative pop melodies and hooks.The variety of the album is impressive, and Deanna Moore's ethereal vocals hold it all tightly together for a cohesive and fascinating sound. There are shades of exotic places, dark corners, and heavenly clouds throughout the album that keep the listener engaged. The subtly sexy "I'm Alright," and the lyrically gorgeous "Six Billion Lonely People," are my favorite tracks.

CD Baby
Reviewer: Nate Strasser, songwriter

Xavier and Ophelia's debut album consists of a wide range of songs as addicting as they are interesting. While many singers and songwriters seem content to simply have some words where lyrics should go, one listen to this album shows that Dave Tough and DeAnna Moore deliberated on each word to make sure it does exactly what it needs to do to paint the picture they've intended. Vocally, DeAnna is strong and versatile. Combine that with Dave Tough's production and musical prowess and this album is sure to be a huge success. "


CD Baby
Reviewer: Neil Barber, songwriter

Love the album ! I play it in the car and have listened to it a few times now. ”Jack and Jill” is a great opener…full of hooks.” I’m alright” is dynamic and dramatic and I’m looking forward to seeing the video for it on youtube! Other songs that stand out for me are “Passing train”, Six billion lonely people” and “Heartbeat”. My favourite on the album (at this stage) is “Chateau Marmont”. It’s certainly the one I find myself singing along with most. The “everyone gets high/low” bridge is fantastic and really builds up to the chorus which delivers on all great guitar solo ! “Last recorded Summer” is great too of course…loving the strings you added.. It’s good to hear an album of classically good song writing with clever middle eights and fine vocals and production. Xavier & Ophelia will go down very well in the UK on the college/university scene.
Neil Barber Edinburgh, Scotland